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Today is RV Sidewalls on the RV, front, rear, street side and curb side walls.

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03.A.1 – Sidewall Condition – What does it look like?
03.A.2 – Paint and Decals – Are they peeling, faded, paint issues?
03.A.3 – Windows: Do they open and close?
03.A.4 – Cargo/Access Doors:  Open/Close.
03.A.5 – Wall Surface Type: What is the surface type?
03.A.6 – Damage/Discoloration/Delamination:  Pretty self-explanatory
03.A.7 – Windows Type:  Frame, etc.
03.A.8 – Cargo Door Locks: Do they locks work?

Do you see anything wrong with some of these pictures?

Next time we will talk about the doors.