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Today is Slide out inspections on the RV

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06.A.0 – Slideout Location: Front/Back of streetside/curbside, front/back
06.A.1 – Slideout Roof:  Condition
06.A.2 – Slideout T-Molding Trim:  How does it look?
06.A.3 – Seals, Sweeps and Gaskets: Are they damaged, etc.
06.A.4 – Slide Rail Gear Rack System: What type of mechanism moves the slide?
06.A.5 – Wiring Harness under Slideout:  Wiring harness is it visible, any wiring issues?
06.A.6 – 12V DC Control Switches:  Switches inside, do they work to move the slide?
06.A.7 – Slideout Operation:  Does it move smoothly in and out.
06.A.8 – Slideout Awning Topper Frame Latching Mechanism:  Is there an awning topper, does it latch correctly?
06.A.9 – Slideout Awning Topper Fabric:  What type of fabric is the awning topper?
06.A.10 – Slideout Roof Type:  What kind roof?
06.A.11 – Slideout Drive System:  What kind of drive system.


Next time we will talk about wheel assemblies/tires, TIRE CODES <— IMPORTANT STUFF