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Today is Wheel Assembly and TIres on the RV

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07.A.0 – Tire Location: which tires curbside/streetside, inside/outside on dual tires, front/back.
07.A.1 – Tire Condition: One of the things I look at it side wall/rubber cracking due to sun damage and age.
07.A.2 – Tire Tread Condition:  How much depth left on the treads.
07.A.3 – Tire Brand: Discussion on “China Bomb” tires—>>> China Bomb Tires
07.A.4 – Tire Size: What is the size of the tires —>>> How to read tire sizes
07.A.5 – DOT Date:  EXTREMELY IMPORTANT —>> DOT CODES You want tires that are < 5 yrs old. For most newer tires, first two digits is the week of the year it was manufactured, so 3318 is the 33rd week of 2018.
07.A.6 – Load Capacity: Explanation
07.A.7 – Tire Rating: Single or Dual rating tire.
07.A.8 – Load Range: Explanation
07.A.9 – Maximum Air Pressure (psi): self-explanatory
07.A.10 – Current Tire Pressure (psi): What pressure I found on that tire during the inspection.

Let’s look at some tires, some good and some BAD.

Next time we will talk about section 8 (chassis/undercarriage/running gear) which is slightly different for motorhomes(Class A/C) vs Travel Trailer(TT) and 5th Wheels.