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Microwave and Dishwasher

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One of the tests here is 60 seconds in microwave with a mug of water to make sure it is heating.

14.44 – Microwave Condition A F P NI NP
14.45 – Microwave Model Brand: Model: Serial:
14.46 – Microwave Type Microwave Convection Microwave Only NP Wattage
14.47 – Microwave Convection Fan comes on Yes No NP
14.48 – Microwave Temperature of Water – 60 secs


Now I am sure some of you are thinking “WHO HAS A DISHWASHER IN THEIR RV?”, yes some of the higher end model Class A – Motorhomes have them 🙂

14.49 – Dishwasher Rack/Washbars Condition A F P NI NP
14.50 – Dishwasher Hoses/Connections Condition A F P NI NP
14.51 – Dishwasher BMS Present Brand: Model: Serial: NP
14.52 – Dishwasher Operates Yes No NI NP
14.53 – Dishwasher Result of Operation Good Water Leak Incomplete Cycle NI NP

Next week we will start another series on Appliances but throughout the RV not just in the kitchen, like the furnace, washer/dryer, built-in vacuum, etc.

See you next week 🙂