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Water Heater and Furnace

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15.1 – Water Heater Burner Assembly Condition A F P NI NP
15.2 – Water Heater Rubber Grommet around Gas Line A F P NI NP
15.3 – Water Heater Brand/Model/Serial# Brand: Model: Serial:
15.4 – Water Heater Type Tank Tankless Hydroponic Other
15.5 – Water Heater Heat Sources Gas Only Electric Only Gas and Electric Other NP
15.6 – Water Heater Operates on all sources Yes No NI NP
15.7 – Water Heater Types of Ignition Pilot Standing Direct Spark Ignition Electric NP
Gas and Electric Direct Spark and Electric NP
15.8 – Water Heater Leaks at Pressure Relief Valve Yes No NP


15.9 – Furnace Air Intake/Exhaust Area Condition A F P NI NP
15.10 – Furnace Brand/Model/Serial# Brand: Model: Serial:
15.11 – Furnace Operates Yes No NI NP
15.12 – Furnace Floor Vents Blocked/Covered Yes No NI NP
15.13 – Furnace – Dauber Screens Installed Yes No


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Next week we will continue our series with Washer/Dryer, in-house vacuum, fireplace, ceiling fans and dishwasher.

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