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Air Conditioners

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16.A.1 – Air Conditioner #1 Condition A F P NI NP
16.A.2 – Air Conditioner #1 Filter Condition A F P NI NP
16.A.3 – Air Conditioner #1 Brand/Model/Serial# Brand: Model: Serial:
16.A.4 – Air Conditioner #1 Thermostatic Controls Dual w/Furnace Stand Alone Zoned NP
16.A.5 – Air Conditioner #1 Options Air Conditioner ONLY Heat Pump Heat Strip
16.A.6 – Air Conditioner #1 Delta-T Degrees F


So what exactly is Delta-T?   RV air conditioners are made to lower the temp inside the RV at least 20 degrees cooler than outside.  So take for example if it is 100 degrees F outside, you can expect the AC unit to drop temp to 80F, if you get more than that out of your RV, BONUS.

How is it measured?  I take temp and make sure the air coming out of the AC unit drops the temp at least 20 degrees.

Next week we will start a multi-week post on Interior Conditions, ceilings, lights, walls, closets, windows, flooring, kitchen sink, toilet, shower and bathroom sink.

See you next week 🙂