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Interior Condition – Part 3 – Windows and Flooring

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17.37 – Windows All Windows Operational Yes No NI NP
17.38 – Windows Emergency Exit Windows Installed Yes No NI NP
17.39 – Windows Emergency Exit Windows Operational Yes No NI NP
17.40 – Windows Condition A F P NI

17.39, An emergency window not operating is a LIFE SAFETY ISSUE.  RVs are tinderboxes, do NOT attempt to fight a fire in there and an Emergency Exit Window operating is BAD.  I’ve seen two so far in different RVs where the window would NOT open.

17.41 – Flooring Sheet Vinyl Yes No NI NP
17.42 – Flooring Carpet Yes No NI NP
17.43 – Flooring Ceramic Tile Yes No NI NP
17.44 – Flooring Tile Yes No NI NP
17.45 – Flooring Plank Yes No NI NP
17.46 – Flooring Floor Panels Loose Yes No NI NP
17.47 – Flooring Floor Covering Discolored or Stained Yes No NI NP
17.48 – Flooring Water Damage Yes No NI NP
17.49 – Flooring Carpet Worn Yes No NI NP
17.50 – Flooring Sheet Vinyl Stained Yes No NI NP
17.51 – Flooring Soft Spots in Floor Yes No NI NP
17.52 – Flooring Previous Repairs Performed Yes No NI NP
17.53 – Flooring Condition A F P NI

Next week we will continue on Interior Conditions.

See you next week 🙂