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Outdoor Kitchen

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20.1 – Refrigerator – Control Board A F P NI NP
20.2 – Refrigerator – Front Door Panels A F P NI NP
20.3 – Refrigerator – Front Door Seals A F P NI NP
20.4 – Refrigerator – Front Door Frame A F P NI NP
20.5 – Refrigerator – Inside Freezer Walls A F P NI NP
20.6 – Refrigerator – Ice Maker A F P NI NP
20.7 – Refrigerator – Freezer Shelves – Door Racks A F P NI NP
20.8 – Refrigerator – Inside Walls Door Racks A F P NI NP
20.9 – Refrigerator – Shelves Door Racks A F P NI NP
20.10 – Refrigerator – Crisper Trays Drawers A F P NI NP
20.11 – Refrigerator – Backside Cooling Coils A F P NI NP
20.12 – Refrigerator Brand/Model/Serial# Brand: Model: Serial:
20.13 – Refrigerator Cooling Sources 120V AC 12V DC Propane
120V & 12DC 120V & Propane 12DC & Propane
20.14 – Refrigerator Operates on all sources Yes No Not Tested NP
20.15 – Refrigerator Type Absorption Type Residential Type NP
20.16 – Refrigerator Control Panel Location Above Door Below Door Between Doors Inside Door NP
20.17 – Refrigerator Door Latch Secure Yes No NP
20.18 – Freezer Current Temp F
20.19 – Freezer Odor Detectable Yes No Not Tested NP
20.20 – Refrigerator Current Temp F
20.21 – Refrigerator Running for 12+ hours Yes No NP
20.22 – Refrigerator Odor Detectable Yes No Not Tested NP
20.23 – Refrigerator Inside light work Yes No NI NP
20.24 – Refrigerator Thermostat Sensor Control mounted on fins Yes No NI NP
20.25 – Refrigerator RV Absorption Thermistor Fixed Adjustable NP
20.26 – Refrigerator Recall Installed (Back of Refrigerator) Yes No NI Not Required
20.27 – Outside Kitchen Sink Faucet Working Yes No NI NP
20.28 – Outside Kitchen Sink Faucet Leaks at Stem Yes No NI NP
20.29 – Outside Kitchen Sink Water Damage under Sink Yes No NI NP
20.30- Outside Kitchen Sink P-Trap holds water Yes No NI NP
20.31 – Outside Kitchen Sink Sink(s) hold water Yes No NI NP
20.32 – Outside Kitchen Sink Hot/Cold Water Available Yes No NI NP
20.33 – Outside Kitchen Sink Condition A F P NI
20.34 – Outside Kitchen Sink Style Single Bowl Double Bowl Triple Bowl NI
20.35 – Cooktop – Condition A F P NI NP
20.36 – Cooktop – Burner Grate Condition A F P NI NP
20.37 – Cooktop – Color of Burner Flame A F P NI NP
20.38 – Cooktop Brand: Model: Serial:
20.39 – Cooktop All Burners Operate Yes No NI
20.40 – Cooktop Rubber Grommets for Stovetop Grate Yes No Some Missing All Missing NP
20.41 – Cooktop Burner Ignition Source Auto Piezo Manual Standing Pilot Induction Other

Next week we will discuss Moisture Intrusion Analysis and Thermography

See you next week 🙂